Sunday, March 07, 2004

There's a good reason why my blogging has been so light over the past week -- I've moved house....or rather my house was moved for me by the removal men while I was in Iran.

I've got cardboard boxes piled sky-high all over the place and I can't find a thing. Miraculously, though, both the broadband connection and the Sky satellite TV hook-up were moved over without a hitch so at least I can watch television and surf the internet as I sit in my empty living room staring at four bare walls.

I've spent the week sawing, sanding, drilling, plastering and painting. Four days last week were spent in the attic putting boards down and fitting lights -- hence, there's now enough fibreglass trapped in my nostrils to insulate a mansion. I also managed to fill a skip to overflowing with the junk the previous owners had left behind.

It's going to be months before the new place feels like home. Still at least its got a little garden and -- once the decorators have been in -- a study.

If I can find my camera amid all the boxes I'll upload some photos tomorrow.


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