Friday, April 02, 2004


At around this time, exactly one year ago, in a minefield in Northern Iraq, Mr Stumpy was born.

Today marks a year since I stepped on the landmine that changed my life. Technically, I suppose Mr S's birthday is on Tuesday, when the operation took place, but April 2nd is when it all started.

As I've written before, journalists love anniversaries -- 100 days in power, one year on from 9/11, 10 years since the Rwanda genocide. Because of this, I feel almost obliged to feel different today.

But I don't.

Over the past week I've been undecided whether it's a day for celebration or sadness.

It's a time for reflection on what happened to Kaveh, of course.

Mainly, though, today feels like just another day -- although not in a bad way.

My leg still hasn't grown back, which is a shame, but looking back on the year gone by so many wonderful things have happened, many of which wouldn't have occured had the accident not happened.

I've been able to draw attention to the landmine issue, to write and broadcast on the subject and to visit places like Cambodia. The support I've had from family and friends has been overwhelming.

One year on I'm walking, working as before and life goes on -- changed and even enriched rather than diminished by what happened. The fact that I don't feel any different today is a sign, I think, that the worst is over and that there's a bright future ahead.

So on balance I think it's a day to celebrate -- and this evening that's just what I'll do.



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