Friday, October 08, 2004

Lu e-mails to tell me that if you miss out an "s" in my URL you get taken to a "mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies."

Nothing to do with me, it won't surprise you to hear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mr. Blogger, for sharing this Biblical link. It's loaded with info more than I've ever known. One thing seemed to have in common is that the Bible makes the wise simple and the simple wise. What I mean is how people become Christain. For some, the educated like the author of this link, become Christain by doing extensive research; for the simple who lack skill/access to doing research become Christain by mere personal experience like walking in the woods or sinking to the bottom of the sea. Whether we are simple or wise in God's eyes we are equal. He measures us starting from the depth of our heart, and then He holds us accountable for every action made.

9:44 PM  

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