Friday, October 13, 2006

Justice for Terry Lloyd -- but will those responsible for his unlawful killing ever face charges?

I'd be very surprised if they did.

I paid a high price for working as a "unilateral" in the Iraq war.

I was seriously injured in Northern Iraq less than fortnight after Terry, Hussein Osman and Fred Nerac were killed down south.

Even so, I fully agree with Daniel Demoustier's statement to the inquest:

"Unilateral journalism is of the highest importance. We can't give this up and I am absolutely sure that both Terry and Fred would continue to do what they did."


Blogger Paul Rouse said...

Hi Stuart. As somebody who has taken an interest in the story of Paul Moran, the Australian news cameraman who became the first media casualty of the war in Iraq, I wondered if you would be interested in reading an article I have just written about Paul's involvement - perhaps unwitting - in the WMD affair and the countdown to war? Send me an email at and I will gladly forward the article on to you.

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