Monday, December 11, 2006

Unusually, the baby woke me up at 3am crying for his middle of the night feed and, equally unusually, I've been unable to get back to sleep since.

So I've been passing the time by dipping into Jeremy Bowen's new book, War Stories.

In the flesh, Jeremy's not one of those "been there, done that" hacks who bores people rigid at the bar of the Frontline Club with tales of past derring-do. Perhaps he's been saving his yarns for the book because his experience of more than 15 years of conflict makes for compelling reading.

We worked together during the summer covering the war in Lebanon, and reading the book reminded me of the showreel of "highlights" that cameraman Shane McDonald of Crewhouse TV put together after his tour of duty.

So I've uploaded it for your viewing pleasure.

It's amazing what a crying baby does for your productivity.


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