Sunday, February 23, 2003

Well, the snow abated for long enough for me to venture outside.

First stop was the shopping mall to pick up some hefty gore tex walking boots. Perhaps naively I brought a pair of trail trainers, thinking anything more substantial would be too hot. I hadn’t planned for ankle-deep snow! It cost me $140 but I reckon having a decent set of footwear is more important than the cost.

Just as I arrived back at the hotel the Rome-based engineering team of John, Marco and Francesco were heading out to do some sightseeing, so I tagged along. Went to the Blue Mosque, which looked somewhat out of place wrapped in snow! The photo of me and the pacifist snowman cost me a dollar to let the guy who built it take a picture. Still, money well spent I think.

Arrived back at the hotel to some excellent news….the border permits have been issued and here they are…..

….plus, the border guards aren’t confiscating passports. It’s all looking a lot more positive.


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