Friday, March 07, 2003

Our piece on the Turkmen community took us today to a Turkmen wedding party across town. Never have I seen such a miserable bride and groom, although the fact that we kept shoving microphones and cameras in their faces might have had something to do with it. It was either that or they were in a state of shock after being greeted by a gaggle of ululating women, hollering at the top of their voices, Still, we got lots of good audio and pictures so hopefully they’ll realise that spoiling their big day is a small price to pay for the greater good of the BBC.

The male guests did plenty of the shruggy-shruggy dance that’s all the rage here. It basically involves holding hands in a circle, shuffling your feet and shrugging your shoulders vigorously – a kind of Turkmen hokey cokey.

For their part, the women sat stony-faced, watching their menfolk make fools of themselves. Turkmen chicks, it seems, don’t boogie.


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