Thursday, June 05, 2003

A packet of photos arrives from Jim, including this one of the spot in Afjeh where Kaveh is buried. The gravestone reads "Kaveh Golestan, 1329 - 1382. Killed while recording the truth." It's a reference to Kav's Channel Four documentary on press freedom in Iran, also called "Recording the Truth" and is a simple but fitting tribute.

I've also just come across a number of touching obituaries from Iranian colleagues and friends that I hadn't read before:
Farnaz Fassihi: Crossing The Border
Goudarz Eghtedari: Finding Kaveh
Shirin Sadeghi: Sunset in Golestan

The articles also include links to some examples of Kaveh's work. As Time magazine's Kate Brooks is quoted as saying in Farnaz Fassihi's obit: "Why him, why him? He was the nicest and sweetest person here."

I'm proud and honoured to have worked with him.

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