Tuesday, August 05, 2003


I love the smell of "firebombs" in the morning....The US has admitted using napalm -- sorry "firebombs" -- in Iraq. "You can call it something other than napalm, but it's napalm," says defence analyst John Pike.
San Diego U-T: Officials confirm dropping firebombs on Iraqi troops

Excellent stuff from muslim comedienne Shazia Mirza, currently appearing at the Edinburgh Festival: "My name is Shazia Mirza. At least that is what it says on my pilot's licence."
Reuters: Muslim Comedienne Triumphs with Veiled Humor

Watch what you blog...a cautionary tale which makes me think I'd better be careful what I say about my secret late-night trysts with Angelina Jolie:
ABC News: Busted By a Blog

Carly Simon auctions the secret subject of "You're so Vain," letting slip only that the man has the letter "e" in his name. Saddam Hussein? Ariel Sharon? David Beckham? (Nah, it can't have been him. He wasn't even born in 1972). We may never know. Just as well we don't care.
CNN: Simon reveals 'Vain' subject -- for price


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