Thursday, August 14, 2003

Today the notorious "Sulaymaniyah Two" were reunited for the first time since we parted in tragic circumstances four months ago.

The last time I saw Jim Muir was in the American Special Forces field hospital in Suly, the day after my accident. I was drugged up to the eyeballs and Jim said I was "sweet -- like a little boy." Jim was about to leave Iraq to take Kaveh's body back to Iran.

Jim's just been on holiday in Scotland and is spending a few days in London before returning to Tehran.

I met him and daughter Shona along with Kaveh's widow Hengameh and her son Mehrak. It didn't take long for us to get back to our old ways. Within minutes he was berating me for bellowing down my mobile phone, just like he did in Iraq.

After lunch in Chinatown we went to the Proud Gallery, which is showing an exhibition of photos from the Iraq War (You can read more about the exhibition here and see a selection of the images here.)

The exhibition also included a "Roll of Honour" for all the journalists killed in the conflict. Kaveh's name was there among them:

Photo: Jim, Mehrak and Hengameh at the Proud Gallery
Photo: Stuart, Hengameh, Shona, Jim

After leaving Jim I headed off for an introductory Alexander Technique class. I thought anything that was going to improve my movement and posture could be of benefit -- especially as the instructor is himself an amputee.

It's probably too early after just one lesson to draw any conclusions but I'm not yet convinced that the Alexander Technique's for me. Maybe I just need to stick with it a little longer.


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