Sunday, September 28, 2003

I've got something a bit special to share with you today.

The International News Safety Institute is publishing a book shortly called Dying to Tell the Story. It's a tribute to all the journalists who died covering the War in Iraq.

Jim Muir has written the chapter about Kaveh and he's just sent me the book proofs over from Tehran:

Kaveh Golestan Book Chapter (.pdf)

Jim explained in the e-mail that the chapter is "basically a weld-together of the three pieces I did at the time as they were as definitive as I could get them, but with some extra stuff top and tail."

It is the definitive story of April 2nd 2003 -- the day that changed all our lives. It's written with Jim's trademark compassion, honesty and generosity. For me, it's a harrowing read. It stirs up so many emotions which are still buried just beneath the surface, rather like the landmine that took my foot.

Do take the time to read the chapter. It tells you everything you need to know about me, my accident and of course the huge void that Kaveh's death has left in so many lives.

Don't just skim through it -- it deserves your full attention.


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