Sunday, September 21, 2003

Why do we Brits hate David Blaine so, asks the Philadelphia Inquirer: For Blaine, the trick is to win over Brits

Of the barrage of attacks Blaine has endured since he was hoisted above the Thames a fortnight ago, the Inquirer says that: "The nasty episodes are revealing some ugly truths about Britain's class-based society, in which inherited titles still matter more in some quarters than achievement. Even in the 21st century, Britons can be uncomfortable with ambition and disparage people with high aspirations as not "knowing their place."

This is complete and utter bullshit -- and lazy, stereotyped journalism of the worst kind.

If we hate Blaine (and I certainly do) it's got absolutely nothing to do with simmering class tensions and envy towards those who are ambitious.

It's because we enjoy nothing more than bursting the bubbles of pretentious, publicity-seeking pricks like Blaine.


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