Wednesday, December 24, 2003

"I think he ought to receive the ultimate penalty for what he has done...." -- George W Bush

In the 6th century BCE the Greek author Aesop wrote his timeless fables -- short narratives in which animals are the central characters and the aim is to convey a moral message.

Were he alive today, Aesop would doubtlessly have appreciated the moral undertones in the news story that Princess Anne's dog has bitten and killed the Queen's beloved corgi, Pharos.

The Royal Family has begun devouring itself.

Princess Anne's English bull terrier, Dotty, is turning into something of a recidivist.

In November 2002, the Princess pleaded guilty to a charge that the dog attacked two children. Then, the judge warned that any future attacks could result in Dotty being destroyed.

Like that other notorious murderer currently in the public eye, my only hope is that Dotty receives a fair trial before being put to death.


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